Christ the King Preschool

Welcoming and Nurturing ALL of God's children
since 2004 in Tigard, Oregon.
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Enrollment Information

Christ the King Lutheran Church and Preschool are so thankful for the past 20 years of serving the children of our community. Due to free preschool in Tigard and Beaverton, economic changes and difficulties with staff retention, Christ the King Preschool is not enrolling for Fall 2024. Classes will end May 31, 2024. We hope you fine a perfect fit for your child in the Fall. 

Our goal is to provide a loving and nurturing place for children by:

Providing a safe and secure environment
Using appropriate guidance techniques
Providing multicultural experiences so children learn acceptance of others
Using developmentally appropriate activities
Showing love and respect to all children
Providing opportunities to learn of God’s love through song, stories, prayer, and religious holiday celebrations
We send our students on their way as independent children who have a foundation on which to build. All children are welcome without regard to race, color, ability, religion or ethnic origin.

Our program provides learning centers, manipulative, and group activities to meet each child's individual and unique growth and development. Children learn social and academic skills at their own pace.

Schedule for 2023-24 school year
Tuition is pro-rated over a period of nine months. This is the total cost of the program, regardless of vacations, holidays, snow days, or the first/last days of school
• TTH Class: 3-4 yr. olds
• MWF Class: 4-5 yr. olds
• Optional Lunch Bunch M-Th: noon- 1pm 
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Art Expression

Daily exploration with a variety of medium, materials and imaginative thinking

Emergent Literacy

Through letter recognition and sounds, use of journals as well as reading readiness skills

Music and Creative Drama

Singing, dancing/movement, and plays

Hands on Science Activities

Tools, sensory table, scales, gears, cooking, experiments, discussions and a class pet are a part of the classroom to allow for science exploration

Exploring other cultures

Through stories, songs, cooking, and special celebrations

Spiritual Development

Through child-oriented chapel time with the Pastor

Social Skills

Developing a sense of belonging, helping to build self-esteem, and caring for one another


Large motor development is provided with the use of our enclosed outdoor playground and our large multipurpose room on rainy days.

Typical Day Activities

Welcome and Free Choice play

First and Second Circle Times

group activities: stories, songs, games, Scholastic Magazines, show and tell, discussions, graphing, & experimenting

Free Choice Time & Activity Tables

Planned Activities
That include art activities, problem solving, group projects, cooking, and fine motor activities; drawing, cutting, pasting, & painting.

Sensory Tables
For socialization and fine motor skills

Creation Station Table
Materials and supplies for whatever a child wants to create using their

Outside Playground or Inside Multipurpose Room


Quiet book time

Last Group Time

Games, songs, or stories


Our Staff

Heidi Livingston


Niki Nolly

Assistant Teacher
"He absolutely loves school. He often talks about his teachers and friends and things he does. We love the thoughtfully planned out themes and activities you do each week."
Blaine and Tai, parents of a 3 year old.
11305 SW Bull Mountain Road, Tigard, Oregon 97224 • 503-639-2789
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